WhatsApp Business

Grow you business with Conversational Commerce

Transform your business with WhatsApp Business API

Engage audiences, accelerate sales and drive better customer support outcomes on the platform with more than 2 billion users around the world.

WhatsApp Business solution for any industry and company size

WhatsApp Business Platform

For medium to large businesses communicating with customers at scale. Reach out to customers using Utility or Marketing messages with rich content. Engage customers with Call-to-Actions,  Generate Leads and send promotional messages using the worlds most used messaging app. 

WhatsApp Business API

For businesses who personally manage conversations with customers, enable live chat using your official green tick enabled WhatsApp Business number. Enable efficient support by coupling AI Chat Bots with Human Agents to form the ultimate customer service team. Deflect from voice to WhatsApp and offer self-service journeys, reducing costs.

Banking, Retail & E-Commerce, Insurance, Education and more,
WhatsApp helps businesses drive results

Why choose WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp’s business solutions give you the power to connect with customers through messaging. Deploy Customer Support Chat Bots, expose your Catalogues for rich selling experiences. 

Keep prospects and customers on the path to purchase and satisfied with your services with rich messaging experiences. Engage and retain your customers on a trusted, secure messaging channel.

Utilise WhatsApp Business to optimise your online presence, expand your market reach, and ultimately drive the growth of your business. With +99% delivery rate, WhatsApp is the perfect channel to drive sales and leads.

Utilising WhatsApp Business enables businesses to provide personalised and timely support, addressing customer queries and concerns promptly, leading to a positive customer experience.

Only Official Business Accounts will have the “green tick” or “verified badge” next to its business name on WhatsApp. CX Engage will get your business Green Tick Verified and official on WhatsApp Business. 

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Reach out to your customers with relevant communications and boost sales

  • Setup one-time or recurring campaigns
  • Build campaign audiences based on customer attributes & events
  • Elevate campaign performance with rich media (images, videos, PDFs, etc.) and interactive message templates like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons
  • Send Non-transactional messages (discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, & more)
  • Monitor campaign performance stats like no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to!
Unlock Efficiency in Customer Support

Leverage AI Assistant to Optimise Customer Service

  • Quickly resolve client inquiries and give them control by offering self-serve choices for common inquiries
  • Increase client happiness by providing customized support
  • Provide clear, succinct, and useful information about the issue
  • Recognise your clients’ pain areas and communicate with them about updates to product installations, delays in services, and other matters