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Manage your Instagram communication directly from LiveChat

Elevate Your Business with Instagram and Chatbot Integration

Welcome to CX Engage, where innovation meets engagement! Explore how integrating your Instagram Business account with chat bots can transform your online presence, boost customer interactions, and drive business growth.

Boost your customer engagement and stay ahead of the competition with our integration of Instagram Business, LiveChat and ChatBot using Generative AI

Why choose Instagram Business?

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with your company. Respond to people who engage with your Instagram Stories directly from LiveChat.

Our integration allows you to offer chat support on a much bigger scale, giving you the ability to reach more customers and grow your business.

Our integration supports ChatBot and Rich Messages, which lets you mix and match text, images, and buttons inside the chat, making it easy to showcase your products and speed up sales.

With a low monthly cost, our integration is a cost-effective way to boost your customer engagement and gain new leads through DM’s on Instagram

Convenience for Customers

Customers can initiate conversations with businesses using messaging, providing a convenient and familiar communication channel. 

  • Having a presence on Instagram increases the visibility of your business. Customers can easily contact your organisation directly through DM’s.
  • Grow your community by encouraging subscriptions, appointments and questions through conversations on Instagram Direct.
  • Businesses can use automated responses and chat bots to handle common queries, providing instant information to customers, assist in sale completion and freeing up human resources for more complex issues.
Data that helps grow relationships

When data leads, a better user experience follows. Get valuable insights with ChatBot reports.

  • Check which topics repeat the most to see where your users’ interests lie.
  • Use the heatmap to find out when your users are the most active.
  • Understand what’s the average engagement in the chat.
  • The duration of chats can vary between teams. See if your agents take enough time to talk to your customers.
Connects Instagram DMs with ChatBot to deploy virtual assistants to provide catalogues, complete sales, gain loyalty through rewards and promos. LiveChat agents can reply directly to DMs and provide real-time chat support for complex queries.

Stellar Customer Service Delivered with CX Engage and Instagram Business