Grow you business with Conversational Commerce

Accelerating the World’s Transition to Conversational Commerce using Generative AI

Haptik helps your brand find new customers, drive more sales, amplify engagement, and provide delightful support across popular messaging channels.

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With Haptik’s Accelerated Coversational Commerce Platform, your customers can shop wherever, whenever, and however they want.

Acquire customers and generate quality leads with highly personalized campaigns to attract the right customer at the right time.
Customer Care

Provide phenomenal post-purchase support and improve your NPS by answering every question, even before your customers ask it.

Grow your business with Generative Conversational Commerce


From proactive outbound notifications to product catalogues and payment, our WhatsApp solution makes it easy for your customers to connect with your brand over WhatsApp’s Business API


Turn followers into customers and deliver instant responses to all your DM’s and mentions with Instagram chatbots using the Click-to-Haptik e-commerce module


Convenient & conversational, Messenger facilitates a direct, personal engagement with your customers on their favourite social channel using Facebook Messenger integration

Google Business

Delight your customers from the very first interaction. Talk to your customers immediately after they search for your brand on Google


Enable two-way communication on SMS to allow your users to respond to SMS campaigns and get instant responses.

Expand your business across all messaging and social media platforms